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24th April 2012

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This Weekend

was awesome. I’ve spent almost all weekend with my band mates, and our extended family from A Social State. Friday night I just laid low after we did our live performance on the news. Saturday we got off to a late start but the band packed up and shipped out to Albany, NY with A social State to play in the MOVE music festival. After our horrible experience finding LEGAL parking and unloading all of our equipment in the monsoon like rain, we got to experience A Social State’s set down the street from where we were playing and it was well worth it.

Later that night we headed towards our venue to check it out. We ended up having a little time to kill so Brian and myself decided to take a stroll down the block to get some good chinese food, which seems to be our new pre-show ritual. When we got back to the bar, I was sad to find out that it was nearly impossible for me to fit the bass rig into the door/stage, so I unfortunately ended up playing straight through the PA system which SUCKED.. But thanks to my Aguilar DI/Pre-amp it made it somewhat more bearable. But overall that was still a nice show and we ended up making some good contacts for future show swaps.

And then finally Sunday we played back closer to home in Wilkes Barre with A Social State, Nowhere Slow, and the Honey Badgers for a cancer benefit. I definitely want to thank John from A social state for letting me use his Ampeg setup this whole weekend, I’m pretty sure hes convinced me to save for one as well.

Overall it was a long exhausting weekend in the rain, but it was lots of fun and I’m greatful for being able to be with such good friends for the entire experience.

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