Hi my name is John. I play bass and write music for a band called A Fire with Friends.

This is where I share my thoughts and interests.

8th May 2012

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This weekend was great. We had an awesome time at the Cinco De Mayo party, and then Sunday we played a show with a bunch of our close friends in Wilkes-Barre.  And the band/family get together at Perkins was lots of fun, and its nice to know that we are all tight knit.

Im looking forward to getting out of work and going to practice tonight, I still need to figure out a few settings on my new bass, and I have yet to run it through my pre-amp and I’m excited to hear how it sounds.

I took these photos of A Social State and Silhouette Lies rocking out during our show Sunday. I was setting up my gear on the side of the stage but honestly I think it was the best seat in the house!

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